Three simple reasons to take on a truly Mancunian running challenge this year


This year, we’re thrilled to see Manchester's most iconic running events are finally back! If running for a good cause is your cup of tea, or you simply need a motivator to get moving, why not take on a challenge for your Manchester Cares community?

We are eagerly looking for volunteers to take part on these upcoming events, for which we can offer discounted entries:

  • The Great Manchester Run 10k and Half Marathon (26th Sept) are one of the city's most iconic races.  The registration fee is £20 (10K or Half Marathon) and the fundraising target is £175 for the 10k, £250 for the half marathon.
  • The Manchester Marathon (10th Oct) is one of the UK’s premier running events, welcoming elite runners and those who thought completing a marathon would never be possible. Registration fees are £30 and the fundraising target is £300.
  • The Manchester Half Marathon (10th Oct) is easily the biggest of its type in the region, starting and finishing in Old Trafford. Registration fees are £15 and the fundraising target is £250.

You can sign up to take part in any of these runs using the button below

Three simple reasons why you should take part

1. Making a difference for your community. Your fundraising is key for continuing the activities, friendships and connections between over 1,000 older and younger neighbours across our city.

2. Boosting your motivation. Taking on a challenge is an ideal way to keep your inner runner motivated and in high spirits, making all your training count towards something special.

3. Trying something new. If you’re new to running, taking a challenge is a great way to kickstart a more serious training towards a specific goal. Committing yourself to a 10K will be a milestone in your running journey.

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“‘YES, I did it!’ I exclaimed, as I finally crossed the finish line. What a rush: I’d just completed my first 10km run to raise money for Manchester Cares and it felt amazing” -  Hannah, younger neighbour who completed a running 10K for the first time in 2020.


Need motivation? See below some FAQs with inspiration and tips for training.

I am not sure the events will suit my fitness level or running skills, should I participate?

Definitely! Whatever your running level, we have something for you this 2021. Whether you’re an experienced runner or if you’ve only now started running, there are exciting opportunities to get involved. You can take the Great Manchester Run 10K, test yourself in one of the Half Marathons, or go for the stars in the Manchester Marathon. Each of these have different levels of difficulty.  However, we assure you that any of these events will bring you great satisfaction for completing an amazing personal challenge, while supporting older and younger neighbours tackling isolation across our city.

How can I train for a running challenge?

One of the first things to mind is that you should always train properly, stretch, and gear up for a running challenge. We’ve put together this list of recommended resources. 

  • In this website you can find tips on how to prepare for a 10K in either 4, 6 or 8 weeks
  • Here you can see all about training for a half marathon 
  • Are you a more experienced runner and want to try doing the Manchester Marathon? Here you can find very useful tips on how to get ready for the big day.

I am worried that I won’t be able to reach my fundraising target!

This is totally normal, but nothing to worry about. We have tons of resources, tips and tricks to help you get as many donations as you can and reach your goal. It is all about sharing your journey as a fundraiser, and we will be with you every step of the way to help you achieve this.

Time to sign up is running out, so don’t miss your chance to join these truly Mancunian runs this 2021. 

Support our work by signing up to a running challenge and make a difference for your community. Together, we’ll continue tackling isolation and loneliness across Manchester.

Isabel Rivera

Posted by Isabel Rivera on Wednesday 14th July 2021

Isabel is the Development Coordinator at Manchester Cares

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