5 steps to success - how to raise £1,000

You’ve signed up to a challenge. Exciting! Now you’re going to fundraise. Nervous?

Don’t be, this is the fun part where you get to share your passion and help inspire others to make a difference just like you’re doing.

We’ve seen our fundraisers raise as much as £1,000 in support of Manchester Cares. So how do they do it?


Well, let’s find out from the people who have done it. Raising £1,000 may initially seem like a big task, but once you break it down, it’s super achievable.

Check out these 5 top tips from Team Manchester Cares about how to fundraise and reach those goals.

1.     Plan, plan and plan some more

Remember to break it down. Everything is easier in smaller chunks, so do this with your target too!

To make your fundraising seem manageable, put together a plan of how much you think you can raise from events, donations, and much more.

Example Fundraising Plan:

Donations from family, friend and colleagues:              £250

Match Giving Scheme at work:                                     £250

Cake Sales:                                                                  £150

(Get colleagues on board to bake too)

Themed social event:                                                   £100

(Halloween party/Eurovision/BBQ)      

Organise a quiz night at your local pub:                       £150

Host a car boot sale with friends:                                 £150

Sweepstake on your finishing time:                               £50

Ask for donations rather than presents:                        £80

Get your friends involved:                                            £200

(use their skills to host a fundraiser)    

Total    £1,380

Volunteer Catherine held a Karaoke party, which went down a storm. She shared some of her top tips when fundraising:

“Invite everyone you know, because then you can ask them to donate even if they can't come - it’s much harder to ask someone you only know a little bit to donate, but if you invite them to a party, it’s then much easier! And say what they'll get for their money, from a welcome cocktail (use up all your old dregs!) to what nibbles you’re planning on making. For food, you could ask local restaurants to donate something.”

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2. Tell your story

You’re going to all this effort to fundraise an awesome amount of money - but what’s driving you to do it? Is it because of the neighbours you’ve met? Are you passionate about your local community? Has a friend inspired you? Share your story far and wide – don’t forget social media!

Here is an example from, Ollie’s page:

My good friend Alfie and I really wanted to help combat the issue of loneliness in both younger and older generations. That’s when we heard about Manchester Cares!

I believe that the work they are doing to bring people together across Manchester is really worthwhile. Therefore, I am very excited to fundraise for Manchester Cares so that they can continue their inspiring work.”

3. Don’t be afraid to ask!

 From WhatsApp messages to fundraising pages, make sure you actually ask for support. You’ll be surprised by people’s generosity, and you’re doing a brilliant thing so don’t forget how you can inspire others to help out, but you need to tell them first!

4. Get friends, family and colleagues involved in fundraising plans. 

Volunteer Victoria managed to inspire her whole office to get involved by baking every day in one week. From tray bakes to savouries her range of goodies raised her an awesome £270!

Fundraising Meal Dasl

5. Do what you’re good at and have fun!

Fundraising is fun! Get creative, have fun and use your skills and talents to share your passions and reach that total. From a themed quiz to hosting a meal for friends, work to your strengths.

Feeling inspired? 

Why not try to raise £1,000 for your Manchester community and help to fund a month's worth of social clubs? Take on a challenge or host your own series of events

Alex Khanyaghma

Posted by Alex Khanyaghma on Wednesday 8th May 2019

Alex is the Development Coordinator at Manchester Cares. 

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