Happiness can be found in the simple things

Raise your hand if you’re trying to be better at recycling. Or trying to exercise more. Or you want to use less plastic, eat fewer carbs or eat all of your seven a day.

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It can be stressful trying to be the ‘best’ you can be, and meet society's ‘demands’. But happiness can often be found in the simple things – like a natter with a friend, a laugh with a neighbour, or a hug goodbye after a touching conversation.

That’s what Manchester Cares is all about – bringing older and younger neighbours together to share genuine time, company and ultimately friendship. But if you’re struggling to find time to volunteer, don’t worry. There are lots of things you can do to make Manchester more connected and tackle loneliness in our amazing city.

Below are some simple ways to make a difference, even when you can’t get to Tuesday’s quiz.


Become one of our founding donors. A regular donation can make a difference month in and month out. And when £20 can help to run a social club, every little really does help.

You’ll help keep the laughter alive for Graham and Linda in Miles Platting, the movie’s playing at our club in Moston, and you’ll help neighbours learn new skills at Ged’s jewellery making club in Ancoats.

Click here to set up your monthly donation.

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Take on a challenge

Ever fancied getting muddy and racing a pal through inflatable objects? We can sort you out! Fancy pushing yourself in a marathon or a half? We can get you a place.

We have spots in loads of runs and challenges across the city and beyond. And you don’t have to pay a thing. All you have to do is fundraise –simple! See all of our challenges here. 

Business support

There’s loads of ways your business can help support Manchester Cares.

  • Business visits are a great way for our older neighbours to feel more connected to the city, let Lauren know if your keen to set this up.
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  • You and a team of colleagues could take on a challenge in support of Manchester Cares. Not only will this improve team morale, but it’s a great way to tell more people about the work you’re doing to tackle loneliness across Manchester. 
  • Ask your company to match fund your fundraising efforts. That way you can double the difference you're making on your doorstep.
  • Our small but growing team is always on the lookout for skills support. If you’re an excel wizard or HR guru, please get in touch!

If you want to find out more about any of the ideas above, get in touch with Alex and let him know your plan!  

Alex Khanyaghma

Posted by Alex Khanyaghma on Wednesday 11th July 2018

Alex is the Development Coordinator at Manchester Cares. 

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