Tony's Coffee Time Picks #27


Since March 2020, older neighbour Tony has been curating playlists for the Manchester Cares' community. This mix features a selection of artists from around the world.

Listen to the mix here.


Mista Savona Presents Havana Meets Kingston – The Fire From Africa

"The Fire From Africa" starts with slow, meditative Nyabinghi drum patterns, that leads into a chorus based on traditional Afro-Cuban chants expressing a 'longing for the Motherland Africa'. The deep bass and drums of Sly & Robbie alongside Bongo Herman's steady Kette drum patterns create a heavy foundation that is perfect for Jamaican singer Micah Shemaiah to express beautifully the Rasta theme of 'Repatriation' - a longing that Jamaican Rastas have to return to the homeland Africa.

Bongo Ben (ft Docta G) – Bakata Dub Part 1

Bakata was composed and recorded by Bongo Ben, Jahia Uncan and May Cinamoon in Bogota and marks the emergence of a very active and creative Colombian dub scene.


Meekman Meets Sawah – Dubbing Like This

Another boom tune from the Amoul Bayi stable. Amoul Bayi Records is an independent label based in Senegal livicated to conscious reggae music. "Amoul Bayi" means in Djolof language "Never give up". Forward Ever! That's their motto and they keep going on forward in spreading positive music with an uplifting content! 


Saah Karim – Reminder (Michael Exodus Remix)

“Reminder” is taken from Saah Karim’s album “The Lyrical Warrior”. Michael Exodus is an Italian producer and dub master. His sound is characterised by electronic sounds mixed with the roots of reggae and dub to create their own style.

Heather Madden

Posted by Heather Madden on Thursday 4th March 2021

Heather is Manchester Cares' Programme Coordinator managing our Social Clubs programme.

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