Tony's Top Tunes #7 & #8

During lockdown, Tony has kindly agreed to curate a weekly playlist of Coffee Time Picks for the Manchester Cares community- as well as sharing anecdotes and info' about his picks.

This week he has shared two great selections.

The first is on the theme of football, and was created just before the Premier League started up again.

For the second, Tony wrote: 'This selection features songs about people seeking people, reaching out for connections (but failing). They convey feelings of melancholia but also optimism. There is always music and the hope that we will get though this and get there in the end.'


Lord Kitchener – Manchester Football Double

This is a song from 1962, but I’ve only included the introduction.



Wanlov The Kubolor – Goal

Wanlov the Kubulor produced the album “Yellow Card” in honour of the World Cup – it’s a joy, start to finish. Wanlov hails from Ghana (he was born in Romania and lived for a bit in the US). He calls his style "pidgin music" - it's a hybrid of contemporary Ghanaian scenes. This song is clearly inspired by the texture of the everyday intersections of music and football in his home country.

Barmy Army – Sharp As A Needle

“Sharp As A Needle”, samples the Anfield anthem “You’ll Never Walk Alone” and radio commentary of a goal by Kenny Dalglish. The song is a love letter to soccer's place in England's collective social conscience.


Tackhead (ft Brian Moore) – The Game (You'll Never Walk Alone)

"The Game" is a single by the industrial hip-hop group Tackhead, released in 1987. It reached number 34 in the New Zealand charts. This is an extended version. 



Joy Crookes – Anyone But Me

“Love me or leave me and let me be lonely
Inside my head, there's a voice that controls me
I'd rather be somewhere else with anyone but me.”
Lila Ike – Solitude

“See what I’m trying to say is that this cause me so much pain,
Feeling like I’ve got no control over my own brain,
And it’s sad to see that you don’t see it’s driving me insane,
Leave me alone.”


Aer – I Can’t Help It

“I'm just out of state
I had to call and say
I thought of you today
I can't help it.”
Shota – Go Away 
This is another story of unrequited love and the journey of longing for someone or something.
Steve Forbert – Tonight I Feel So far From Home 
“Who can I confide in?
Who can really hear?
Who can keep my secrets?
Who can see me clear?”

Heather Madden

Posted by Heather Madden on Monday 13th July 2020

Heather is Manchester Cares' Programme Coordinator managing our Social Clubs programme.

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