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Making a referral to Manchester Cares

We have clear guidelines on who our volunteers can and can't support. Our volunteers are not  clinical staff – they are Mancunians who'd like to help people feel more connected. 

We say that our model, and our amazing volunteers, don't make life liveable (feeding, clothing or washing people); rather they make life worth living through new opportunities, friendship and horizons. We do take referrals from statutory and healthcare services – such as housing departments, GP social prescriptions, and occasionally mental and social care providers – but please be aware that we often need to make our own assessments on whether neighbours can realistically benefit from our activities.

There are two ways people over 65 can get involved; through our Social Clubs and our Love Your Neighbour programme. 

Our Social Clubs are free group activities which take place several times a week and offer a chance for older (over 65) and younger neighbours to share time, laughter and new experiences that help everyone to feel a part of our rapidly changing city, rather than left behind by it. Clubs during week days, evenings and weekends include dance parties, new technology workshops, 'back to work' business visits, choirs, pub quiz and many more.

The Love Your Neighbour programme aims to introduce younger and older neighbours across the City of Manchester to spend time together one-on-one and enjoy company and conversation. We match up people based on proximity, and try our hardest to bring people together based on mutual interests to create genuine, long lasting friendships.

With Love Your Neighbour, our volunteers cannot help with practical tasks such as cooking, cleaning or attending doctor's appointments and we are not able to take referrals for people living with dementia or severe unmanaged mental health conditions.

Please fill out this form to make a referral to us. 

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