Line Dancing - the Manchester Cares way!

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Our resident wordsmith, Charles (67), has written a few words about our latest Dance Club, which forms part of our monthly Social Clubs programme. Read on, and just try and resist volunteering or getting involved at the next one! 

"We were honoured to have Bill from Ancoats with us in Collyhurst to lead everyone in some Line Dancing – the Manchester Cares way! 

Bill has been doing Line Dancing for many years and some of us thought it would be too hard so decided to sit it out - but after watching Bill demonstrate the art of Line Dancing, most people got the hang of it. Most of us are aged 60+ so it was a very good effort all round by everyone on the dance floor! The steps of Line Dancing are easy if you do them in the correct order!

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I personally did not join in as I've been troubled with a problematic foot for the past few years – so I decided to go along with my paper and pen instead.

One of the songs played was called Stay All Night which I didn't know but was a good song to dance to, and of course the one that everybody knows, Achy Breaky Heart which is brilliant. If you have never been to a Manchester Cares social club before, you should come along as you will have a good time!".

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      Line Dancing – the Manchester Cares way! 

      There's a man in here in a Cowboy Hat 

      I wonder If he's a real Cowboy 

      I'll ask him if his surname is Rodgers

      As his first name could be Roy

      Roy Rodgers is a real Cowboy

      Who hails from the Wild Wild West

      He owns a fabulous horse called Trigger

      Who simply is the best!


       Neigh neigh! 

You can give Bill's brilliant dancing tutorials a go at home – as he's a bit of a YouTube sensation. And if you're feeling inspired and would like to join your neighbours for a free dance, get in touch! We hold a free dance club in Collyhurst once a month on a Thursday evening. You never know, you might even feature in Charles' next poem! 


Posted by Charles on Friday 8th March 2019

Charles (67) is a regular at our social clubs – and the Manchester Cares poet laureate!

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