A community network of young professionals and older neighbours hanging out and helping one another in our rapidly changing city.

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Manchester Cares – be part of it

Manchester is a wonderful city, with history, influence, innovation and personality at its heart. There's always so much going on – from new music to new business to new people arriving all the time.

But the city we love is also growing and changing fast, and that can leave some people feeling anonymous, isolated and left behind. 

Manchester Cares exists to reduce loneliness amongst older and younger neighbours alike, to improve wellbeing, connection and power, and to bridge the gaps across social, generational and digital divides – so people feel part of our changing city rather than left behind by it.

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Why GP surgeries could be great community hubs

Posted by Amy Saunders

Your local GP surgery is a trusted space. It’s warm, accessible and local to its  community. And it normally has one, possibly under-utilised, open space… the waiting room.

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