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Our first Love Your Neighbour match: Kathleen and Sharlene

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This week was special for Kathleen (89) and Sharlene (28) as they met for the first time through our Love Your Neighbour programme which introduces young professionals and their older neighbours one to one for great company, conversation and laughter.


Kathleen has lived in Moston for over 60 years but now isn’t able to explore it the way she once did. After she attended a Manchester Cares film club, Kathleen enjoyed meeting her younger neighbours so much that she was one of the first to sign up when she heard about Love Your Neighbour!

Sharlene moved to Manchester recently for a new job, and like many young professionals, wasn’t sure how she would meet new people. She wanted to be part of  Manchester Cares to make new connections with people she wouldn’t easily meet otherwise. Within a few weeks she was a regular at our social clubs, and Sharlene told us how much she loved spending time with her older neighbours. So we introduced her to Kathleen for a weekly dose of neighbourly friendship.


Over at Kathleen’s on their first visit, after some initial nerves they started chatting, and conversation quickly flowed. They covered everything from synchronized swimming to camping in the Australian Outback to dating.

Upon leaving her first visit, Sharlene was brimming with excitement: “through Love Your Neighbour I have the opportunity to meet a wonderful person whom I would never have ordinarily met. I’m so excited to get to know Kathleen and her city through her amazing stories.”

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Both Kathleen and Sharlene are looking forward to developing their friendship through weekly visits.


Just like Kathleen and Sharlene, you too can get to know your neighbours and be part of our Love Your Neighbour programme by signing up here. You can also get in touch with Vicky directly by emailing [email protected] – don’t be shy!