Scrabble: "It was great, we enjoyed it. I pretty much annihilated him early on."

As part of Loneliness Awareness Week, Scrabble kindly donated board games to us last month. Pals enjoyed playing together as part of our Love Your Neighbour and Social Club programmes. We recently caught up with friends Alan (86) and Myles (24) and Jose (69) and Isabel (31), to find out why Scabble has become a regular part of their friendships.

Loneliness can affect anyone. For younger people, pressures from places like work and social media can leave them feeling disconnected. Neighbours may feel left behind as our city and communities rapidly change around us. Activities, like playing Scrabble can be a great way to get to know each other and improve connections. By taking the pressure off conversations and building connections through shared enjoyment, and competitiveness, for a classic game which reaches across generations and countries.

Alan Myles Scrabble June 2022

"It was great, we enjoyed it. I pretty much annihilated him early on, then he came good at the end and beat me" - Alan (86)

Alan and Myles were only introduced in May this year but the new pals have already managed to get a few games in, and Alan shared he is “swotting up on Scrabble” so he can beat Myles next time. 

Scrabble 2

Isabel (31) and Jose (69) will be celebrating one year of friendship next month and are busy planning a Spanish-themed Social Club for later in the year. They have recently enjoyed playing Scrabble together. 

“We gave it a go in Spanish, and I found it surprisingly difficult, but massively fun. It was a tight game and Pepe won with one last final word.” - Isabel (31)

Through Love Your Neighbour we aim to create genuine, long-lasting friendships. If you’ve enjoyed reading these stories and would like to be introduced to an older neighbour, hear more about the programme, or refer an older person to us, please sign up here or chat with Izzy or Vicky on 0161 207 0800.

Vicky Harrold

Posted by Vicky Harrold on Wednesday 3rd August 2022

Vicky is Manchester Cares' Programme Coordinator managing our Love Your Neighbour programme.