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Tell us about you (name, age, what you do for a living/for fun) and the challenge you’re doing. 

My name is Ollie Thomson, I am 25 years old, a videographer at a social media marketing agency called Social Chain and I am running the Manchester Marathon to raise money for Manchester Cares.

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What made you decide to fundraise for Manchester Cares?

At Social Chain, we are encouraged to take on a ‘passion project’ - an opportunity to dedicate some of our time to a meaningful cause. My good friend Alfie and I really wanted to help combat the issue of loneliness amongst generations young and old. We wanted to do some volunteering and help give back to the city of Manchester. That’s when we heard about Manchester Cares! 

I believe that the work you are doing to bring people together across Manchester is really worthwhile. Therefore, I am very exciting to fundraise for Manchester Cares so that they can continue their inspiring work. Check out my fundraising page to read more.

How are you preparing for your challenge?

For better or worse, I only signed up 5-6 weeks before the Manchester Marathon as my brother somewhat coerced me into taking part! I did the same event two years ago but started training about 6 months before hand so I am somewhat apprehensive for this years marathon… Morning runs, cycling to work, stiff legs and struggling to walk up the stairs in the morning are all part of my training schedule at the moment!

What are you most looking forward to about this challenge (and not just ‘it being over’)?

Simply raising money for a good cause and getting over the finish line will be great! It will also be really amazing to run with my brother as I haven’t ever done anything like this with him before and I am not sure when we will ever do it again (he used to live in Vietnam, Amsterdam and then Australia for a few years so I rarely see him)! 

What is your best riddle/joke (please include the answer!)?

What 8 letter word can have a letter taken away and it still makes a word.  Take another letter away and it still makes a word. Keep on doing that until you have one letter left. What is the word?





The word is starting

Starting > Staring > String > Sting > Sing > Sin > In > I 😊

Alex Khanyaghma

Posted by Alex Khanyaghma on Tuesday 19th March 2019

Alex is the Development Coordinator at Manchester Cares. 

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