The Hidden Retirement Homes of Manchester

Too often Manchester is seen as a city just for young people. There are trendy (and delightful) natural wine bars; small plates galore; and art spaces that cater for the weird and the wonderful. But where is the older population?

New Islington

Well, they’re right here with us, in unassuming, hidden gem buildings, right in the heart of the hubbub.

In this blog, we’re going to take a behind the scenes tour of some of the beautiful retirement schemes that are nestled in the heart of the coolest areas of Manchester

Mayes Gardens, New Islington

Just a stone's throw from the tram stop, is Mayes Gardens, home to 48 flats of older people in their 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and beyond who call the trendy New Islington, home.

Mayes Gardens

Name: Mayes Gardens

Where: Right near New Islington Tram stop

Local bar spot : Le Social Wine @ Pollard Yard

Local foodie spot: The exceptional small plates @ Flawd

Not only is Mayes Gardens in a prime real estate spot, it also boasts arguably the best green space in New Islington. The beautiful garden is often full of sunshine. We've hosted many a Social Club here including our recent Spring Picnic, right in the garden - think croquet, small sandwiches and No-secco!

Victoria Square, Ancoats

Vic Square

Just a short 10 minute walk away from Mayes, is Victoria Square. Home to a mammoth 163 flats. 

Name: Victoria Square

Where: A short walk from Cutting Room Square and the most instagrammable street in Ancoats - Anita Street

Local bar of choice: Natty wines @ Erst

Local foodie spot of choice: A plate of fried goodness from the Hip Hop Chip Shop

Now, we all know that Ancoats is perhaps the trendiest spot of them all and the most prolific when it comes to gentrification in Manchester. But, it used to be called the slum of Manchester and is also home to the city's first social housing - aka Victoria Square.

This area, and this housing scheme, has changed quite a lot and this stunning scheme is now home to the most beautiful garden of Ancoats. Lovingly cared for by the late Gracie, it is an oasis of plants, flowers and a rather dashing enamel cow!

Ryland House, Chorlton

Looking a little bit further from the City Centre now, we jump over to Chorlton. The home of Double Zero, Dulcimer and of course - the famous Four Banks (now just 1 bank!). 

In a quiet and unassuming building of Chorlton lies Ryland House. Home to 46 retirement flats, with a communal lounge, shared kitchen and round the corner from the infamous Wilbraham Road.

Name: Ryland House

Where: Round the corner from Morrisons

Local bar of choice: The Beagle 

Local food of choice: Southern European cooking at CAMPAGNA @ the Creameries

Wanna get involved and meet older neighbours from Chorlton? Join us at our Man Bites Frog Social Club.

We regularly visit retirement schemes and run Social Clubs with residents, if you’d like to know more email us at: [email protected]

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Amy Saunders

Posted by Amy Saunders on Friday 6th May 2022

Amy is Manchester Cares' Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator.