To Social Clubs...and beyond!

Muriel Sarah Did June 2022

Some of our Love Your Neighbour matches have been making the most of everything Manchester Cares has to offer by coming along to our Social Clubs too. From Chippy Club to Desert Island Discs, pals love joining in with new activities together, as well as having the chance to meet other older and younger neighbours in our community network.  

Muriel (82) and Sarah (29) at Desert Island Discs in June [left] 

"The connection goes both ways"

New pals Peter (78) and Hayley (28) were introduced on the Love Your Neighbour programme in April; they first met at the National Football Museum Social Club, where the group had an exclusive guided tour of the museum. After the tour, Hayley said “I had a great time and feel like we hit it off straight away. Lots of footy chat of course too!” Both are lovers of football, so this was the ideal Social Club for them, but they’ve since enjoyed going for walks together in their local parks too, chatting and getting to know each other.

Peter Hayley F2F Intro Sc April 22

Peter told us: “Hayley is lovely. We have a lot in common, football is our main one - even though she supports Arsenal and me United - but it's not just football, we talk about all sorts. The connection goes both ways, Hayley has lots of questions for me about Manchester and my life in Ireland. We both talk a lot and the conversation is easy”. 

Peter had already been joining our Social Clubs for a while before deciding to be part of Love Your Neighbour, and has been finding making a 121 connection with a new friend rewarding: “I enjoy Social Clubs but the Love Your Neighbour side is definitely the best bit for me. After our last walk together, Hayley texted to say she'd had a lovely day and that meant a lot to me.”

"We enjoyed it, it was grand"

Marie Eleanor Chippy Club March 2022

Friends Marie (81) and Eleanor (26) have shared 17 visits and calls, and of course many brews and biscuits, since they were matched on Love Your Neighbour last year. They enjoy chatting about their shared love for United, and watch telly together. They joined us at our popular Chippy Club at Hip Hop Chip Shop in March, which Marie said was “lovely, we enjoyed it, it was grand”, and are keeping an eye out for other food-based clubs!

"It was great to see everyone dancing and having fun”

Pat Jo Birthday Party Nov 2021 2

Love Your Neighbour match Pat (80) and Jo (33) have been friends for almost two years now. They mostly catch up over the phone and have also joined us at Desert Island Discs, and Manchester Cares’ fourth birthday party in November, where they really brought the party mood: “I really enjoyed the party. I liked everything about it, everyone was so nice. I can't dance you know, I said that to my friend Jo, and she said 'Come on there's nobody dancing, let's get up.' So we got up and then everybody else got up, and it was great to see everyone dancing and having fun”.

If you’d like to be introduced to an older neighbour like Peter, Marie or Pat to spend time together on a 121 basis - and maybe join a few Social Clubs too - you can sign up for our Love Your Neighbour programme here

Izzy Zimšek

Posted by Izzy Zimšek on Thursday 30th June 2022

Love Your Neighbour Programme Coordinator