From Fashion Shows to Friendaversarys: Audrey and Sinead's Friendship


Audrey (69) and Sinead (28), were introduced through our Love Your Neighbour programme, which connects younger and older neighbours to share company, conversation and laughter. A year into their friendship we caught up with them to see why they’re so sure their friendship will carry on for a long time to come.


Audrey: My favourite visits with Sinead are when we just talk and have a cup of tea. I just really enjoy her company. We talk about our families a lot and we love learning about each others lives.

Sinead means a lot to me, our friendship has taken away feelings of loneliness. I speak to my family on the phone most days but Sinead visiting is different because we can sit and chat.


Sinead: I love all my visits with Audrey but my favourite of all time has to be when we did a fashion show for each other. Audrey did a catwalk for me in some of her favourite outfits and I tried on all of Audrey’s wigs - it was really fun and we laughed a lot!

Audrey has also taught me to make a really good carrot cake - it came second in a baking contest at work! 

Our friendship is really important to me too, I look forward to Thursdays and as much as I am company for Audrey she is a great friend to me too! 


Over the past year we have been shopping, on lots of walks, drank I don’t know how many cups of tea, shared our “friendaversary” at The Drop Café and even spent Valentine's Day together - we cooked Sea Bass and Salmon with Jamican Rice and Vegetables, it was lovely! 

Our friendship is special and will certainly carry on for a long time to come!

If you’ve been inspired by Audrey and Sinead’s friendship and would like to get to know one of your neighbours, sign up to attend one of our inductions here – you won’t regret it!

Vicky Harrold

Posted by Vicky Harrold on Tuesday 26th November 2019

Vicky is Manchester Cares' Programme Coordinator managing our Love Your Neighbour programme.

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