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At Manchester Cares, we love bringing people together. Events are not only the perfect way to share a laugh with friends, but are also a great way to raise funds, awareness and support of Manchester Cares.

Below are three popular fundraising events, told from the supporters themselves, and an A-Z of fundraising ideas.

Fundraising A-Z

Manchester Cares Heart

Keen to raise funds, but don’t know where to start? Never fear! The MC team has come up with an A-Z of fundraising ideas; small things that can make a big difference. From baking brownies to zumbathons, you can support Manchester Cares in more ways than you think! Download the Fundraising A-Z here.


Bake Sale


Fact - everyone loves cake. Bake sales are a tasty way to raise funds for Manchester Cares.

Download your 'How to hold a bake sale' guide


Pub Quiz

Pub Quiz

A bit of competitiveness can be a good thing. Especially over a pint and a pub quiz! 

Download your 'How to hold a pub quiz' guide


Clothes Swap


Get together some friends. Dig out those loved but forgotten items of clothing. Begin bidding. A clothes swap is a fun way to refresh your wardrobe and raise some funds for Manchester Cares at the same time.

Download your 'How to hold a clothes swap' guide


Ready to get going? Or have a few questions? Email Rob to let us know about your event, or if you have any last minute queries. She'll offer hints and tips and help you reach that fundraising goal!

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