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Take on our 21 day challenge and kickstart your new year in the right way!

When: Start any day throughout January 

Deadline to sign up: 31st January 2021

Where: This is a remote challenge, so carry it out local to where you live, within the current Government guidelines. 

Fundraising target: £250 per person

How does it work: To take part, you need to commit to your own personal challenge for 21 days! This could be a commitment to do something each day (e.g. run 2km every day) or to reach a goal by the end of the challenge (e.g. walk 100 miles in 21 days).

The difference it will make

Loneliness doesn't just affect our older generations - prior to Covid-19, 16% of 18-24 year olds said that they had experienced loneliness, with this rising to 44% since the outbreak.

That's why we need your support. By taking part in our 21 Day Challenge, you'll be helping to make our Virtual Social Clubs, phone friendships, #AloneTogether packs full of daily creative activities and regular check in calls possible - keeping our community connected during the Covid-19 pandemic, and beyond.

You can read a step by step guide here

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