Frequently asked questions

How do I sign up to volunteer?

If you’re interested in group activities, you can read about our Social Clubs here. If volunteering one-to-one is up your street, find out more about our Love Your Neighbour project here. At the bottom of both pages you’ll find a short sign up form. Once you’ve filled it in, we'll be in touch to invite you along to one of our regular induction evenings. We'll have you meeting up with your older neighbours in no time!

What if I work long or unpredictable hours?

We hear you. This is part of why Manchester Cares exists – to make it easy for young professionals with busy lives to feel part of the community by getting to know their older neighbours. If you can spare an hour or two every week, great – Love Your Neighbour might be for you. Otherwise, if things are a bit more unpredictable, you'll be able to jump in and out of our Social Clubs whenever you can spare a few hours during an evening or weekend.

What commitment do I need to make to volunteer?

Manchester Cares tries to make volunteering accessible, fun and flexible for young professionals. We know that people have busy work and social lives – but that shouldn't stop you from feeling part of the community too. So we try to cut as much bureaucracy and time out of our processes as possible so that you can be part of it simply and quickly.

We don't ask that people turn up at the same place week after week. Rather, we'll build a pool of volunteers who together can be part of the community in a way that suits them. If you sign up for our Social Clubs you'll be able to come as often or infrequently as you like (although the more you put in, the more you get out). But we will ask that Love Your Neighbour volunteers visit their neighbours at least once a week (at a time that suits you both – we won't dictate that).

What's best for me – Social Clubs or Love Your Neighbour?

That depends on you. If you have limited time our programme of regular Social Clubs that you can drop in and out of might be best. That way, you can be flexible with your volunteering. But if you'd like to build a close one-to-one relationship with a neighbour, and have time to visit them once a week, Love Your Neighbour could be better for you.

Do I have to live in Manchester?

All our activities and most of our older neighbours will live in the city of Manchester. But we appreciate that Greater Manchester is a sprawling place – so if you live in Salford or Trafford but work in the city and want to hang out with older people near your office, that's totally fine.

Do I need to bring anything when I volunteer?

Not first time round, nope – just bring yourself, an open mind, and a chatty demeanour! But if you're a photographer, gardener, historian, comedian, musician or have some other mad skills we'd love to talk to you about how we can use those to create content for our Social Clubs!

What if I know an older neighbour who'd benefit from Manchester Cares?

Ideally, we'd all know a neighbour who we look out for. But in today's rapidly changing city, some of those community bonds appear to have loosened. It's no one's fault – it's just the modern world. That's why Manchester Cares exists – to help connect older people who are often rooted in the city but may have few connections with those younger neighbours who may have hundreds of connections but sometimes fewer roots. If you know someone over 65 who could benefit from that, please get in touch via our Contact page.

I'm a health/social care professional - can I make a referral to Manchester Cares?

We have clear guidelines on who our volunteers can and can't support. Our volunteers are not  clinical staff – they are Mancunians who'd like to help people feel more connected. We say that our model, and our amazing volunteers, don't make life liveable (feeding, clothing or washing people); rather they make life worth living through new opportunities, friendship and horizons. We do take referrals from statutory and healthcare services – such as housing departments, GP social prescriptions, and occasionally mental and social care providers – but please be aware that we often need to make our own assessments on whether neighbours can realistically benefit from our activities.

How do I give money to support Manchester Cares?

Manchester Cares is a registered charity – and that means we need you, our wonderful supporters, to help us to grow our network and to develop a sustainable future. If you'd like to take part in a challenge, help run an event, or help create a partnership between your employer and Manchester Cares, we'd love to hear from you. Please get in touch via our Contact page! 

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