“Through my friendship with Amy, I know I have someone who I can trust". Elda and Diane share their stories.

This month we are sharing some stories from Older Neighbours who are part of our Love Your Neighbour programme. Each month we introduce younger and older neighbours across Manchester, who are keen to share time and laughter on a one-to-one basis, either over the phone, in-person, or a mix of both.

Elda Laura Birthday Party Nov 2021

Elda (86) was introduced to Laura (32) through Love Your Neighbour a few months ago and the new pals have already come along to our 4th Birthday Party Social Club together and shared lunches and brews together. 

When we spoke to Elda she shared that the reason that she wanted to get involved with our Love Your Neighbour Programme was because she wanted “to meet somebody else different to my friends” going on to share "my Mum used to say - when you get older, you don't need other older people around you, you need younger people around you”.

“The most rewarding thing about my friendship with Laura, is that Laura is a friend, she is a nice person and I look forward to seeing her. We also share some hobbies and interests like sewing, so it is also nice to learn, share skills and ideas too.”


Diane (87) and Amy (26) were introduced through Love Your Neighbour back in 2019 and they have not looked back since, sharing over 200 hours of calls and visits together, it is safe to say Amy and her “Northern Nan” have created a very special friendship.

Initially, Diane wasn’t sure what to expect and wondered if the programme was for her. Nowadays she would tell other people “Don’t hesitate about getting involved. Amy is very special, I don’t like to think about if we’d never met.”

“Our friendship looks very different each week, sometimes we have a natter over a brew, sometimes we eat tea together and other weeks we go out for food, chippy tea is our favourite.” 

“Through my friendship with Amy, I know I have someone who I can trust, who is there for me. She means the world to me!”

Through Love Your Neighbour we aim to create genuine, long-lasting friendships and as you have heard from Diane and Elda, each friendship is unique and different. So, if you’ve enjoyed reading these stories and would like to get involved, make a referral or to simply hear more about the programme, please sign up here or chat with Vicky or Izzy on 0161 207 0800.

Vicky Harrold

Posted by Vicky Harrold on Wednesday 6th April 2022

Vicky is Manchester Cares' Programme Coordinator managing our Love Your Neighbour programme.