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The cost of living crisis – what it means for our loneliness epidemic, and what we’re doing about it

Posted by Manchester Cares on Wednesday 7th September 2022

The cost of living crisis will plunge the UK further into a loneliness epidemic. With millions of people without spare income to spend on social interaction – particularly over the winter when household bills are expected to rise the most sharply – many are at risk of falling into even deeper isolation, loneliness and disconnection from their communities.

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Scrabble: "It was great, we enjoyed it. I pretty much annihilated him early on."

Posted by Manchester Cares on Wednesday 3rd August 2022

As part of Loneliness Awareness Week, Scrabble kindly donated board games to us last month. Pals enjoyed playing together as part of our Love Your Neighbour and Social Club programmes. We recently caught up with friends Alan (86) and Myles (24) and Jose (69) and Isabel (31), to find out why Scrabble has become a regular part of their friendships.

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To Social Clubs...and beyond!

Posted by Manchester Cares on Thursday 30th June 2022

Some of our Love Your Neighbour matches have been making the most of everything Manchester Cares has to offer by coming along to our Social Clubs too. From Chippy Club to Desert Island Discs, pals love joining in with new activities together, as well as having the chance to meet other older and younger neighbours in our community network.  

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William and Cindy's Art Club

Posted by Manchester Cares on Tuesday 24th May 2022

Last month Love Your Neighbour pals William (72) and Cindy (37) designed and run a special Social Club.  They delved into the stores of the gallery and curator Kate illustrated the evolving purpose of the gallery and its role in our changing city. After we caught up with the pair who shared their top tips on hosting a Social Club.

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“Just get out and try things…see how it feels.”

Posted by Manchester Cares on Thursday 12th May 2022

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week. To mark this we spoke to older neighbour Lynne (69) and younger neighbour Jess (33) about the positive impact that being part of a community like Manchester Cares has on their mental wellbeing.

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The Hidden Retirement Homes of Manchester

Posted by Manchester Cares on Friday 6th May 2022

Too often Manchester is seen as a city just for young people. There are trendy natural wine bars; small plates galore; and art spaces that cater for the weird and the wonderful.

But where is the older population?

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